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Sugar mould in Morocco

Written by culive

There is something I used to see since I was a child. Whenever I see it again it brings me lots of feelings.
It is a symbol of celebrations.

taken by Sohayla Erroui

It has the shape of a conical, conical pyramid. It weighs two kilograms, and it is packed in a white wrap on the inside and sealed on the outside with blue paper. In all social occasions, engagement, marriage, congratulations, reconciliation, circumcision, Hajj, condolences – you find the sugar mould present. For example at weddings, two or three moulds are placed on a tray in front of the groom or bride during the Henna ritual. They are usually decorated with patterns of Henna. The presence of sugar, in its symbolic dimension, refers to the good omen and the wishful thinking of grooms to lead a carefree and sweet life with the sweetness of sugar.

taken by Sohayla Erroui

I still remember when the ladies from the village come to visit us in a celebration each one of them brings a bag carrying inside one or two moulds. They give it to mom and the bags are taken to the kitchen. At the end of the day when the ladies want to leave my mother would empty the bags, take the sugar, and put something else in the bags to give them back to the ladies. We never give back bags empty. We can put inside anything a scarf, perfume, tea, sweets, it can be anything. The guests take their bags with them and they get to know what’s inside when they go home. I always loved that tradition.
so what are you waiting for?! bring a sugar mold, and welcome to Morocco!

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