Moroccan Mint Tea

Written by culive

If you visit Morocco or any Moroccan family anywhere in the world, you will be offered the Moroccan national drink: Ataí (tea).  Considered an art form and symbol of hospitality, its taste and smell make me fall in love with Morocco. 

there are countless recipes.  The premise is the same: boil the water, let it rest so as not to burn the leaves, wash the gunpowder leaves to remove the bitterness, dip, add mint, and add sugar.  However, the test may differ from one person to another. A grand parent’s tea is not comparable to a new apprentice!

If a family known for their incomparable tea invited you to a visit, you should eagerly accept their offer, pay attention to the way they are making it. Finally, someone will tell you a secret that all Moroccans seemed to know: not everyone has the hand to make tea. It is a bit hard to believe but making good tea requires pouring not only hot water but also feelings.

Becoming “the tea guy”.  The tea guy is the guy who is always asked to make the tea when his Moroccan friends get together.   The mark of good Moroccan tea is that its taste and essence bring an inexplicable emotional euphoric connection with its homeland and its people.  Memories of ancient buildings, shades of blue and orange, warm and fascinating friends, exotic food, and date trees flooded my mind. 

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